Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thrive Documentary Review: Personal Review

Thrive Documentary Review

So I just finished watching the Thrive Documentary and my mind is absolutely blown. Foster Gamble did an excellent job organizing a coherent argument in opposition to the destructive forces of greed that has divided this world into further suffering. 

Beginning his film with the idea of a self sustaining universal energy force, Gamble explains how the recent discoveries in physics lead to the plausibility of an energy source that feeds off its surrounding space. Given the staggering statistics regarding the possibility of life beyond our solar system, Gamble believes that the common symbols found in all civilizations throughout history are messages from ETs worried about our planet's survival.

Gamble then focuses on the worlds dependence on oil and how banks and corporations are sitting on a reserve of fossil fuels valued at nearly 200 trillion dollars. Fearful of their investments, these corporations and powerful bank lobbyists are using the government as their puppets to harass scientists and suppress the voices of the inventors who understand how to build these self-sustaining prototypes.  As an investigative journalist, Gamble follows the money source as he outlines the hierarchy of power in the world.

With complete control over the Federal Reserve, Gamble believes that these financial elitists orchestrated the 2008 financial collapse for their personal gain to scoop up cheap stocks, property and businesses. These elitists want to further consolidate wealth in the world so they  have further control over the government and every aspect of citizens and their lives. 

Throughout history, a handful of men have  always tried to control every aspect of human life.

Wake up!
Power to the People!

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